EXPO 2017 influenced tourism development in Kazakhstan

EXPO 2017 influenced tourism development in Kazakhstan

EXPO 2017 in Astana influenced tourism development in Kazakhstan. People who are curious about the world’s most advanced technologies are visiting the expo. This year many tourists visiting Kazakhstan are from abroad.

This small metropolitan hotel has 32 rooms. The demand for hotels in Astana grew fivefold since the beginning of the exhibition, owners say


- If last year 4-5 rooms were occupied a day, then this year 25-30 rooms are filled. There are a lot of visitors from Germany, Hungary, Austria and the Emirates. We try to give them a memory about Kazakhstan, about Astana, about their visit to our city so we give them souvenirs as gifts.

Catering has even more impressive statistics. According to the Astana EXPO national company, visitors of the exhibition have spent around 132 million tenge. The total turnover amounted to 906 million tenge. A representative from one of the fast food chain says that a large stream of customers was expected but reality exceeded the anticipations.


- We expected around 5,000 people per day. At present, we are catering 8,000 people. EXPO attracted many tourists. The highest number of visitors was in July. August is busy as well. It seems like everyone who couldn’t make it earlier came in August.

The exhibition’s worthiness and the amount of money spent on it have been discussed for quite a while. However, a few weeks before the expo’s closure it has become obvious that an ambitious project justifies the expectations. According to the head of the Astana EXPO national company Akhmetzhan Yesimov, the tax collection in the service sector grew by 2.5 times in July. The number of calls to tour operators increased by 78%. Every day 7,000 people arrive to Astana by plane, and 16, 000 more people come by train. The number of small and medium-sized businesses has grown in the capital.


- All our Astana hotels are full. Business is prospering. Lots of tourists came and raised the business; revenues to the city's budget grew by several times.

Most importantly, Astana EXPO-2017 enabled rapprochement of cultures and traditions. The number of foreigners visiting Kazakhstan resorts, for example, Borovoe, has tripled.


- There was a rapprochement of cultures and this process has a profound significance. We also learnt about many countries. There is something to adopt, and something to share. The number of tourists to Borovoe has grown threefold during the international exhibition. Many guests who first stepped onto our land discovered the Kazakh culture and expressed their genuine delight.


- The effect of the expo is colossal and it is observed in all industries, including tourism. A lot of people came to Kazakhstan to visit the exhibition. Moreover, many tourists have visited Turkestan.

Today facilities are exhibits, tomorrow they are widely used renewables. The achievements of the participating countries that are represented in Astana may soon change the world. Indeed, incubators for newborns, the first water turbine and the X-ray machine were presented at the expos many years ago.