EXPO 2017: national days of Armenia, Samoa, Hungary and Afghanistan

EXPO 2017: national days of Armenia, Samoa, Hungary and Afghanistan

Armenia showcased its technologies in light energy at EXPO 2017 in Astana. During its national day, Armenia introduced guests of the pavilion with innovations in renewables. Solar panels created by a special project have already proved their effectiveness and are used in many public institutions of the country. Scientists of 43 Armenian research centers are working on the development and implementation of solar panels. Armenia is also interested in developing tourism relations with Kazakhstan.


- Both countries have a great opportunity for cooperation in tourism. We are taking steps to bring this goal closer. We have already established a direct Astana-Yerevan flight. We are grateful for Kazakhstan and the President for their organization of the expo where we can show our capabilities.

EXPO 2017 hosted Samoan national day, too. Renewables cover more than 20 % of energy consumption of South Pacific island. The remaining 80% are supplied by imported diesel fuel. The use of diesel fuel adversely affects both economy and environment. Therefore, the Samoa authorities plan to produce electricity only with the help of the sun, wind and water.


- The expo is a great opportunity to learn the features and culture of different countries. Today we learned about Samoa. Our countries have great potential for cooperation, both in tourism and economy.

Hungary demonstrated a combination of nature and technology on its national day. The Tree of Life installation, a design with electronic devices and solar panels is located right in the exposition’s center. It shows the steps to move to green energy undergoing in Hungary. For example, a successful start-up project was launched in Budapest. Small modular solar panels are installed directly into benches so any passer-by can use them for charging phone battery. Another Hungarian innovation is eco-buses.


- We produce special equipment for buses which operates on electricity. We try to implement technology throughout the country. These settings are safe for passengers and we care about our customers. Buses dont emit harmful exhausts, they are absolutely safe in terms of ecology.

The theme of EXPO 2017 is relevant in Afghanistan, too. The country’s population exceeds 30 million people, of which only 40 % have access to electricity. However, over the past 10 years the state has taken real steps in development of renewables. Afghanistan has a great potential for development of green energy. If you invest US$6 billion in renewables in the country, you can extract more than 200,000,000 megawatts of solar power, more than 60,000 of wind and approximately 25,000 megawatts of hydroelectric energy.