Astana hosted a concert of the world-famous composer Dhafer Youssef

Astana hosted a concert of the world-famous composer Dhafer Youssef

For the first time the international project of ethnic music the Spirit of Tengri presented a unique concert of the world-famous composer Dhafer Youssef. He combined jazz fusion and electronic music with elements of trip-hop. A Tunisian composer is one of the most innovative musicians of the last decade. Experts point out that Youssef always managed to find new sound ideas to make his exhilarating vocals and poetic performance more profound.


Mainly, he doesn’t bother about his technicality of his voices which is the most obvious manifestation of his humanity, his soul, amazing poetry, the absolutely unique sound of Tunisian instruments, including the oud instrument. All this is intertwined not only with a fantastic sound, but also with some huge energy component and with the skills of the musicians.

The Spirit of Tengri has gained popularity over the five years of its existence and has reached a new level not only on a national scale, but also overseas.


- We initially positioned the Spirit of Tengri as a country and cultural project, because in our opinion, Kazakhstan truly needs such projects, when our country could be recognized all over the world for certain cultural brands. We have tried to do this for five years and I think that some of our efforts have been justified.

As part of this year Kazakh capital hosted the Spirit of Astana festival. The largest musical event took place in the open-air format on the square near the Baiterek monument. Bands from Africa, Georgia, the USA, Macedonia and other countries demonstrated the musical program. Another highlight was the multimedia show of the American-Iranian-Turkish project Niyaz, which also took place as part of the Spirit of Tengri.