EXPO 2017: National days of Pakistan and India

EXPO 2017: National days of Pakistan and India

Participating countries of the EXPO 2017 continue celebrating their national days. Pakistan began the celebration with a traditional flag-raising ceremony and a concert program. In the pavilion, Pakistan demonstrates how to use resources of the earth. For example, dishes and stoves are made of clay. A stalk of reeds is used in construction. The energy of light is actively used, too. For instance, solar panels provide the Pakistani Parliament building with electricity. Guests of the pavilion could see the mock-up of the Bio Solar Reactor. This device is designed to purify drinking water from harmful impurities and bacteria. A special test is used to check the cleanness of water. People use wind power to cool the buildings.


- The most important renewable resource in Pakistan is hydrogen. You can see the water there. Basically, in that picture we are showing to clean water with the help of solar energy. Basically, the water cleaning device is operated by solar energy.

The national day of India was held at the international exhibition, too. This country’s pavilion is one the most popular. Guests are introduced to the culture and traditions of the Indian people during an official part of the celebration. The artists surprised every visitor with a colorful performance at the pavilion. Visitors had an interesting excursion. Guides told that Indian authorities are solving one important issue: how to improve the living standards of people in rural areas. For this purpose, they are introducing innovative technologies that use biomass and solar panels. For example, the innovations include a seawater desalination plant, a Micro Solar Dome and a light-guide solar energy concentrator.


- One of the most interesting technologies presented here is the Cochin international airport which is located in the Kerala city. It is the first airport in the world to utilize solar energy. A large area which takes approximately 10 - 11 hectares is occupied by solar batteries with a capacity of 15.5 megawatts per hour.

Republic of Fiji celebrated its national day at EXPO 2017, too. The pavilion of the Fiji island takes no more than 18 square meters at the exhibition. However, it fully reflects main directions of the country’s economic development. First of all, it is about fishing and forestry. Today, Fiji archipelago actively uses alternative sources of energy, too. Solar panels are installed in every hospital and school.


- We started the relationship just a little while ago. It is wonderful opportunity for cooperation between Kazakhstan and Fiji especially because of climate changes which are we both share and bear and prime minister made very clear yesterday. As you can see from background, renewable energy is the most important thing to us. So the cooperation that exists with Kazakhstan is very important to us.