Tbilisi and Baku hosted the presentation about Kazakhstan’s tourist potential

Tbilisi and Baku hosted the presentation about Kazakhstan’s tourist potential

The international exhibition EXPO 2017 promotes the rapid development of the Kazakh capital’s tourist potential. "Welcome to Astana" is a slogan of the last road show in Tbilisi. Dozens of Georgian tour operators have shown interest in cooperation with leading Kazakh travel agencies. Astana attracts the interest as the youngest and fastest growing capital in the world. In addition, it is one of the most modern and beautiful cities in Central Asia.


- Today we have seen interesting presentations about Kazakhstan. Presentations from tourist companies were great too. It seems to me that the Georgian travelers will be interested in visiting Kazakhstan because the Kazakh companies can offer very diverse tours. There is a possibility to conduct tours that are absolutely new for the local market.

A number of people in Georgia want to know about Kazakhstan. Ethno-tourism, health resorts, and gastronomic tours are exactly what the country can surprise anyone with, even the most sophisticated tourist. In addition, according to the participants of the road show, the two countries share something more than commercial interests.


- Today I realized that, in general, we and Georgians are very similar in terms of hospitality and openness. The Kazakh and Georgian people are very close in this respect and that is why it will be very easy for us to understand each other, cooperate with each other and interact to adjust the flow of tourists from both countries, in both directions. Together we will do everything to develop our bilateral relations.

Baku hosted the presentation about Kazakhstan’s tourist potential. Azerbaijani tour operators learned more about EXPO 2017, hotel infrastructure, recreational facilities and entertainment in Astana. According to the organizers, such events help establish a direct dialogue with the representatives of the two countries’ tourism industry.


- The purpose of today's road show in Baku is the presentation about Kazakhstan’s tourist potential, the representation of Astana as a tourist destination, establishing contacts with the representatives of Azerbaijani tourism community. In the fall, Astana will organize information tours for the representatives of travel agencies showcasing the city’s tourist opportunities.

Azerbaijani travel agencies closely cooperate with the Kazakh companies in the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions (MICE) tourism. The representatives are interested not only in Astana’s opportunities but also in other types of tourism, which are provided across Kazakhstan. They intend to include various resort areas into the list of their services.


- We learned a lot today at the presentation. I really liked the Burabai resort near Astana as a destination for medical tourism. This place has been well known from the Soviet times. Today I realized again that the Burabai is a very good place where tourists can get treatment and relax in nature. It is good to visit not only Astana, but also Aktau, which has an underground mosque. To be honest, I did not know this before.

As the parties highlighted Astana has all the opportunities to promote tourism and host various kinds of events. The Kazakh capital is a city where events and forums take place on an international scale. The cities of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, China, and Iran will host such road shows about Kazakhstan, too.