What will be located on the territory of the EXPO after it comes to an end?

What will be located on the territory of the EXPO after it comes to an end?

The infrastructure of the Astana EXPO 2017 will be of use for many decades, the Secretary General of the Energy Charter Secretariat Urban Rusnak believes. Like the Eiffel Tower, the symbol of the exhibition in Paris, or the Atomium main facility 1958 world’s fair in Brussels, the sphere-shaped Nur Alem will become the primary attraction of the Kazakh capital and will attract the attention of millions of tourists from all over the world, Rusnak said during his last visit to Astana where he took part in the recent Energy Conference.


- The Kazakh pavilion is the country’s primary representation which was made with taste and understanding, where the interests of the Kazakh people and people who live on the Kazakh land are well presented. This ultra modern exhibition complex, which was created and prepared for the EXPO 2017, is exactly what will remain for the future. It can later host world-class events enabling Kazakhstan to demonstrate to the world the country's achievements in economy, technology, energy. This is a beautiful and modern facility which will serve Kazakhstan for decades.

The Baiterek National holding, the Development Bank of Kazakhstan and the Astana International Financial Center will be located on the territory of the exhibition after it comes to an end in September. The Russian analysts claim that the AIFC can become the main platform of transactions for Eurasian countries. According to vice-president of the Association of Russian banks and an expert from the Financial and Banking Association of Euro-Asian Cooperation Oleg Preksin, the financial center in the Kazakh capital will become the flagship of investment development in the region.


- International financial centers and financial hubs, which are quite a lot today, are important elements of the world economy. This will remain in the foreseeable future as an equally important element. There is no such facility on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union. Therefore, the fact that Kazakhstan is a pioneer here, gives certain advantages to the national economy and of course, will attract attention.