More than 2.5 million guests have visited EXPO 2017

More than 2.5 million guests have visited EXPO 2017

More than 2.5 million guests, including 22 country leaders and 78 foreign ministers have visited EXPO 2017 in Astana in more than two months of the exhibition.  In total, more than 15 million people have visited the international pavilions. The pavilions like Africa Plaza, Egypt, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Thailand, India and Russia are among the top 10 most popular ones. According to the organizers of the exhibition, the Kazakh national Nur Alem pavilion is in the top list with 800,000 visits since June 10.


- 1 million and 132, 000 people visited the exhibition. Most of them came as part of the organized tours from the country’s regions, including 77.5 thousand children. According to our calculations, 273, 000 people came from other countries like Russia, Germany and China. During this period the exhibition hosted 1,662 cultural and entertainment events as well as business programs and 179 protocol events.

The multiplicative effect of the EXPO 2017 is already significant. It has set forward the construction sector growth, and fostered development of the local small and medium-sized businesses. Kazakhstan’s tourism industry is seeing increased profits too. The number of hotels and hostels in the capital has increased by 27%. More than 2 million people visited Astana from the beginning of the international exhibition of which 1.5 million were tourists. One-third of visitors were foreign national. The mayor’s office of the capital intends to take various measures to keep up the momentum.


- Our main goal is to make sure that tourists who visit the expo would like to come back to our city. For this purpose, we are now working on the development of a special program to increase the flow of tourists on an ongoing basis. By 2020, we want to achieve approximately 1 million foreign tourists per year.