Thematic pavilion №1 AT EXPO 2017

Thematic pavilion №1 AT EXPO 2017

Another important object at EXPO 2017 reflecting the exhibition’s concept is the thematic pavilion number one. The exposition fully unveils the idea of using the energy created in space and the Earth in the condition of energy development. The first thing that captures visitors’ attention is the kinetic show about the creation of the universe and the big bang theory.

Various innovative solutions are exhibited on the second floor. The technical garden demonstrates the method of hydroponics, growing plants without soil. This hydroponic ring demonstrates the entire principle of the technology. Plants can be positioned even upside down. Minerals and nutrients are delivered through special solutions in a reservoir.


- Here is presented a system named hydroponic ring. Main idea of this ring is that we don’t use ground for our plants. We use only sponge, plus is that we save about 15% of water and of course you want to ask me how all nutrients, vitamins come to our plants. It comes with nutrient solution through the reservoir our growing tree.

The latest trend in agriculture is vertical farming. By 2100, the planet’s population will be about 11 billion people, and all of them will need food. According to scientists, such technique will help provide more food to people in the future.


- A vertical farm is a high rise greenhouse that allows growing plants without soil. Every layer has its light emission, green, blue, red, that helps to maintain the temperature and enables photosynthesis. At the top, you can see a reservoir that collects rainwater that is filtered and distributed to the plants.

The pavilion also presents the city of future. Visitors can see unmanned vehicles and a hydrogen car, and walk on a smart pedestrian crossing. When a person crosses the road, the ejector collects energy and sends it to the traffic light through the LED tubes. This is a smart house. There is a monitor that lets you control it. The intellectual system brings convenience to an owner. For example, if you forgot to close the windows or doors in the house, you can do it remotely on your smartphone.


- A smart house has a smart mirror, a smart washing machine, and a smart fridge. The smart mirror tells about your health condition, blood pressure, temperature, heart rate. You can set up notifications on it. The smart washing machine separates laundry by color putting them in different sections.


- This pavilion is very nice actually. It has some excellent videos and gives you a lot of information and the path of energies I mean from coal to renewable energy it’s just fantastic also the kinetic one. And the Smart grid show is really great so I really enjoyed this pavilion. People should come here to see it because it’s really nice.

Before the exit, visitors can see the final show "City of the Future". The spectacular light show is about the production and consumption of energy, as well as the importance of finding cheap and effective ways to reduce the use of natural resources in the world.