Smart life in South Korean pavilion

Smart life in South Korean pavilion

Expo pavilions are truly unique and interesting. In the South Korean pavilion, visitors can find answers to such questions as how to tackle energy crisis triggered by the shortage of resources, how to preserve the environment and how technologies can change people’s lives. The first zone of the South Korean pavilion is named Seed of Light. It features a film showing the country’s energy development from fossil fuels to clean energy of the future.

The show in the second zone is a combination of musical performance and animation, one of the most popular attractions at EXPO 2017. Astan, the main hero of the animation symbolizing Kazakhstan and South Korea, discovers power of new energy with a help of a girl named Ara.

In the third zone, visitors can understand better how to live harmoniously with the nature using what it gives us. This section looks like an illuminated futuristic forest. With the help of augmented reality, visitors can learn about a certain energy technology at every tree, for instance, about the system of accumulation and storage of "green" energy, which has already been successfully used in South Korea, or the "smart house" system.

Visitors can see a model of a solar-powered aircraft or the latest development of one of the world's leading automakers - a hydrogen fueled car.


- This is Hyundai ix 35 hydrogen fueled car. The tank holds 11 liters, it is 700 bars.  It can travel 600 km with one tank filled up, it's a feature of a Korean car. Such cars are already in production. This is the most environmentally friendly car at present.

South Korean pavilion became one of the most visited at EXPO 2017. It combines entertainment and practicality, history and future, traditions and know-how.