Exhibition of unique editions of Kazakh script

The National Center for Manuscripts and Rare Books launched the unusual action. The exhibition of unique editions has started, which introduce visitors to rich history of the Kazakh script. The exposition includes ancient Turkic manuscripts, rare copies in Arabic and Latin languages, as well as books, newspapers and magazines in Cyrillic. In total, the exhibition presented more than 100 exhibits from the Center's Foundation including true historical relics. For example, this manuscript in Old latin was published in 1532.


 - It hasnt been studied yet, so our center has a unique opportunity, and the transition to the Latin script will allow scientists to gather and conduct this research work and present the contents of this book. This will become a valuable heritage. The National Center has been collecting, studying and promoting the written heritage of the Kazakh people since its opening day.

In addition, the exhibition demonstrated the legendary chronicle Diwani Hikmet by Khoja Ahmed Yasawi and the book of Kazakh Alphabet (Alippe) by Akhmet Baitursynov written back in 1923. The book exposition also includes the works of art by great Kazakh writers, and a unique collection of miniature editions. Thanks to the presented publications, visitors can see how the Kazakh alphabet changed over the years and how the historical realities influenced its development and formation.