The evening of folk music was held in Almaty

19 leading performers of folk songs, kyuis and terme gathered in Almaty from across Kazakhstan. The evening of folk music was held to mark the anniversary of "Alatau" traditional art theater. The audience enjoyed the tunes of the Kazakh steppe.



- This theater has truly become the center of traditional art. There are classical theaters in other countries that promote folk traditions, songs, dances, but this cultural center is perhaps the only one of its kind in Central Asia.


In Kazakhstan, there are seven kyui schools, five folk singing schools and two schools of zhyrau, storytellers of epics. All these artists performed on the same stage for the first time.



 - I think we need to continue the tradition of getting together not only on holidays. The aura of this theater, the atmosphere is the reason itself to organize concerts here. The audience will be pleased as well.


Artists and theater management agreed on organizing concerts on a regular basis here. Tickets will be sold at great discounts. They are also planning to open singing classes. Art historians believe this will preserve and multiply the rich diversity of the Kazakh national music.