Pianist Dwiki Dharmawan visits Kazakhstan

Indonesian pianist Dwiki Dharmawan performed Kazakh folk songs. The well-known musician performed in Astana at an evening of Indonesian ethnic jazz with his group Krakatau-Etno. Dwiki Dharmawan is a multi-genre keyboardist, pianist, composer, and producer. He has performed in more than 70 countries. Despite the successful musical career, the jazz maestro is constantly in search of new performance venues.



 - This is my first time to visit Kazakhstan and bring the musical group and I was really impressed today here this beautiful afternoon. We have interaction with kids, with playing music, traditional music of Kazakhstan, dombra for my first time live. Before, I was watching from the Youtube. I tried to learn about Kazakhstan music and Kazakhstan culture.



Dwiki's music originates from the ancient gamelan tonal system, which is the traditional music of the Sunda Islands. He combines national rhythms and original melodies with jazz, rock and funk, opening the door to a world of vivid impressions.




It is a very talented and nice band. I'm truly glad that they have performed Kazakh folk music as well as their own. 00: 02: 02: 04 //// 00: 02: 52: 00 It was enjoyable.


The concert was very wonderful, wonderful jazz music. Indonesia is a new, unknown country for us, and I was very interested in listening to jazz music.


As part of his visit to Kazakhstan, Dwiki Dharmawan also conducted a master class for pupils of the Palace of Schoolchildren. In turn, the young musicians let the guest enjoy a unique sound of Zhetigen, Shankobyz and Dombra by performing Kazakh songs.