25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Kazakhstan and Belgium

The 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Kazakhstan and Belgium was marked with an unforgettable symphony concert. In honor of the significant date world-famous Belgian conductor and composer Dirk Brosse visited Astana. A famous maestro and Symphony Orchestra of Astana Philharmonic presented a rich concert program. The concert program includes works written by Dirk Brosse, as well as Kazakh and European masterpieces of classical music.



 - Every new experience is a new challenge and you learn a lot when you meet musicians and artists from different culture and with a different background. You really learn a lot and especially countries like Kazakhstan and Malaysia. What is a difference between Kazakhstan, Malaysia and European countries when it comes to classical music the classical music is born in Europe, so we have like classical music in our blood in our DNA like you guys have folk music in your DNA.


According to the maestro, kyl-kobyz was one of the most exotic instruments in the Kazakh orchestra. Dirk Brosse was impressed by its melodic sound and therefore included solo performance of the ancient instrument in his concert program. Adlet Azbayev performed this part. As the musician says, it was a great honor to perform with the famous conductor.



 - I am a kobyz player and a conductor. Therefore it was a great experience for me as a musician to perform with the famous and experienced conductor. One rehearsal was enough for him to prepare such production and perform it at a high level

According to the organizers, such a cultural exchange allows to unite soloists of the highest level on one platform and create an atmosphere of unique sounding of classical and folk instruments.