Gorky Theatre stages Anna Karenina

Gorky Theatre stages Anna Karenina

European interpretation of the Russian classics: Gorky State Academic Russian Drama Theatre staged the new version of ‘Anna Karenina’ by Lithuanian director Agnius Jankevicius. The drama by Leo Tolstoy acquired new features. The theatre’s best actors are involved in the new production. Svetlana Fortuna played the main part. Maksim Yaschenko played Count Vronsky and Roman Chekhonadsky played Count Karenin. Svetlana Fortuna received the Best Actress award for playing Anna at the festival of Kazakhstan’s ethnic theatres this year.


- Every woman in the world has some characteristic of Anna Karenina. It is a very fragile, insecure woman who didn’t find love because no one taught her to love. The play is about what happens when love is not there.

Director Agnius Jankevicius describes the drama as the criticism of morals and the fall of the aristocracy. The love for a woman, a man, a child, and relatives is stuck in a web of distorted manners, religious dogmas, gossips and formal etiquette. Helplessness of one caught in this web gives rise to fear and hatred.


- This unhappy, unrequited love, bordering with passion, finally dies. This is a very hard performance in terms of emotions, it bares all feelings. It was a big breakthrough for me as an actor.

Anna Karenina became one of the brightest plays in this season. In the future, Gorky Theatre is planning to tour with this production.