South Kazakhstan region hosted an ethno art festival

South Kazakhstan region hosted an ethno art festival

The South Kazakhstan region hosted an ethno art festival. Participants who came from all over the country visited the holy places including the Ibrahim Ata mausoleum which gets crowded even on weekdays.


- Since the ancient times, Sairam has been a holy place like the mazars, where people are buried and which are connected with sacral and spiritual matters. Therefore, the energy here is unique.

The mazar in Sairam was built in the 13th century. Now it is a museum. The mazar is a place of pilgrimage. According to the legend, the mother of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi was buried in this mazar. Tourists claim that historical and archeological monuments, as well as natural landscape, are wrapped in a distinct atmosphere. In addition to holy places, the tourists are looking for solitude with nature. The Sayram-Ugam National Park has always been a place of special power.


-I like the nature. Take for example, the combination of the beautiful pastures, where horses graze and big mountains of four thousand. The snow-capped mountains are very beautiful.

Nursultan Duisebayev is one of the festival’s participants. The student visited these mountains for the first time. He brought a tent, a camp kitchen and his good mood.


I wasn’t aware of these mountains. I couldn’t imagine that they are so beautiful. I want to climb one of the mountains, take photos and share it with my friends in Astana and other regions.

Organizers are confident that the younger generation will help improve the tourist attractiveness of not only the region, but of the whole country.