A documentary trilogy about horses will be filmed in Kazakhstan

A documentary trilogy about horses will be filmed in Kazakhstan

A documentary trilogy about horses will be filmed in Kazakhstan. A Canadian film maker Niobe Thompson will produce and direct film series titled Equus in 20 different countries of the world. By the end of August, the film crew will arrive in the Botai area, a settlement in the Akmola region, where the first horse was domesticated for the first time. Highly professional cinematographers of Canada, Germany, and Kazakhstan will realize a large-scale international project. The Kazakh Minister of Information and Communications Dauren Abayev visited one of the future filming sites.


- This is a large scientific project which we are realizing with our foreign partners. Americans, Canadians, Germans and French filmmakers are taking part in the project. The first domestication of a horse in these lands was scientifically proven. Therefore, we must show this moment and reflect it in the film.

Victor Seibert discovered this ancient settlement approximately 40 years ago. This is pine forest, river and open country with characteristic green spots. An experienced archaeologist immediately saw in them traces of dwellings and he wasn’t mistaken.


- We went and brought back the bag of materials. These were the arrowheads, which immediately made us realize: there is something new in front of us. We collected 60,000 artifacts in a first day.

The study of findings proved that 5 and a half thousand years ago the Botai inhabitants used a horse as a pet which was earlier than anywhere in the world. In fact, it was the first ‘globalization’: people could move long distances, develop trade and fight in a completely new way.


- Now we are working not only on the problems of economic relations of the first civilizational processes, but also on the issues of crisis, development, and deformation. Basically, in recent years I have been dealing with problems of world outlook and sacred issues. When the President announced this topic as new one, we realized that it was time for all the people to get acquainted with it.

Based on the success of The Humankind Odyssey, it is planned to show the series in more than 50 different countries. The movie will be first released at the beginning of the next year.