Exhibition of silver jewelry

Exhibition of silver jewelry

A jewelry exhibition has been opened in the Atyrau Museum of Local History. It presents the best works of masters of the past centuries and shows one of the bright pages of folk art, which entered the treasury of national culture. Jewelers of antiquity by considering the elasticity of silver knew how to perfectly combine its brilliance with the color range of stones.


- Silver jewelry had never been just a decoration for the Kazakh people. Each item had its own meaning and some sort of history was connected to it. It was a sign which they believed in.

For example, a ring in the form of a bird's beak is a symbol of happiness and the beginning of a new life. The bird’s beak served as a letter. A mother used to give this ring to a daughter when a young daughter was getting married. Only a year later, an elder brother or an uncle could visit a married daughter.


-When they came back with gifts from the youngsters, the mother used to tremble with a white handkerchief. Has the native kusmuryn, the bird's beak, returned home? If it was returned, it meant a bride has entered the husband's family as a full member.

Massive rings of matchmakers designed for two fingers used to symbolize the unity of the two families. Bracelets were more than a decoration. There was a superstition that evil spirits could penetrate the woman's heart through open sleeves of clothing. The bracelets worn on both wrists used to defend their mistress. Another ancient amulet is earrings. Kazakh masters strengthened the jewelries’ magical nature by symbolism. The onir-zhiyek chest jewelry became the masterpiece of jewelers. Today many museums of the world keep jewelry of the Kazakh masters.