Portraits of Akyn Sara donated to Kazakhstan

Portraits of Akyn Sara donated to Kazakhstan

Geliya Timofyeyeva, daughter of a Russian sculptor, architect, and artist Margarita Vaschenko donated most of her family archive to Kazakhstan. Sketches, oil and watercolor paintings, and miniature sculptural compositions are part of the archive. In the 1960s, Margarita Vaschenko was the chief architect of the Taldykorgan region. She created a lot of memorable images of the prominent figures of the Kazakh land. The brightest one is a poet Sara.

Margarita Vashchenko made portraits based on the stories and memories of the closest relatives of akyn Sara. The artist's daughter had carefully preserved unique canvases for many years.


- She liked the legend of Sara very much. There were so many legends about the poet, so my mother searched for Sara’s descendants. First, she painted Sara’s grandchildren. My mother died in 2005, but I saved everything. Well, I think I must give it back as a gift to Kazakhstan because I will not live forever.

Next year marks the 140th anniversary of the Kazakh poet’s birth. Her fellow countrymen hope that the place where the akyn was born, lived and worked, will be introduced in the new map of holy places of Kazakhstan.


- She is one of the first women in the East who fought for women's emancipation. Her legacy is a national heritage. We sincerely thank all those who helped us to receive these gifts.

The new collection will be kept in the Akyn Sara museum in the village of the Kapal Aksu district of the Almaty region.