The Uyghur Academic Theater in Astana

The Uyghur Academic Theater in Astana

Astana hosted the premiere of a vivid production of the Uyghur Academic Theater titled the Melodies of the Silk Road. The performance was based on the connection of music with space and planets. The main character of the play is Hafiz. He not only opens and closes the performances with his songs, but also connects all the acts of the play together.


- This is the soul of the people, this is the music of the people, the plasticity of the people because it is a musical and dance performance. We worked together with a famous choreographer People's Artist of China, Kuryash Raizhap who organized all the dance performances of this program.

Fascinating costumes, beautiful stage design, flexibility of the dancers as well as live performances of folk songs fully revealed the rich and ancient culture of the Uyghur people.


- People who may not know who the Uyghurs are can learn about its music and dance  through this production. Moreover, we simply show all the variety and diversity of cultures of the Silk Road.

The Uyghur Academic Theater of Musical Comedy was opened in 1934. Since then, it has established itself as one of the leading art spaces where bright and unique performances are presented from season to season.