Abai Museum Reserve in Semey has a new unique exhibit.

Abai Museum Reserve in Semey has a new unique exhibit.

Abai Museum Reserve in Semey has a new unique exhibit. Aidar Dolanbekov, native of Semey, donated a jewelry box which belonged to the family of Abai Kunanbayev for many years ago. According to Aidar Dolanbekov, the great Kazakh enlightener’s wife Aigerim, once gave the valuable item to Dolanbekov’s grandmother, which was then passed down to her children and her grandchildren. A wooden box designed for jewelry storage is very well preserved. The box is made without a single nail and is encrusted with nacre.


- Most likely that the item was made in Russia. It is approximately 100-120 years old. Of course, it requires restoration. After the necessary works, such a valuable exhibit will take its rightful place in the exposition of our museum which has direct relation to the Abai family.

In the Aral sea region, a resident of the Zhalagash district has unexpectedly become an heir of the ancient Mushaf Quran. The rare book was discovered during the reconstruction of the Myrzabai Ahun mausoleum. According to the experts, the book is over 150 years old. Its cover and writings on the scrolls have not damaged much under the ground for 1.5 century. It once belonged to a well-known scientist Myrzabai who had lived in the 19-20th centuries. He studied at the famous Kokiltash madrasa. The scientist had written seven research pieces and had received the honorary Ahun title. It is assumed that Myrzabai Ahun buried the book himself. His great-grandson discovered the exhibits which will soon be donated to the local museum.


- We were making repairs in the house. When we dismantled the floor we found many books kept in one of the corners. They were kept underground for a long time, probably, for more than a century.