Kazakhstani musicians gave concert in Germany

Kazakhstani musicians gave concert in Germany

Frankfurt am Main hosted a concert of the Eurasian Symphonic Orchestra under the direction of the People's Artist of Kazakhstan Aiman Mussakhajayeva. The performance was devoted to the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Kazakhstan and Germany. Prominent politicians, diplomats, and art connoisseurs attended the event. The program includes not only well known classical compositions but also national works. The ensemble of dombra players caused a special delight among the audience. The magnificent sound and truly virtuosic game of our musicians won the audience. The spectators warmly greeted the ensemble of Aigolek violinists, too.


- I’m very impressed by dombra. How virtuously they played dombra, turning it around and twisting it in their hands. It is unforgettable! We are very impressed! I’m touched by the feeling and output of musicians. Well done!

The Kazakh school of composers impressed the audience. The Kazakh Mozart Rakhat-Bi Abdysagin, who wrote more than a hundred works, presented his new work in this evening. Frankfurt hosted the world premiere of the work Echoes of Romanticism.


- The idea of this work based on the transformation of the world of change when the era of romanticism of the 19th century transferred into the 20th century and reflects the transition into our time. In fact, it is a mirror of the rethinking of the human worldview. It reflects how the civilization changed and the great leaps in the evolution of humanity which have moved civilization and elevated civilization to a new level of development.

The German audience enjoyed the performance of Aiman Mussakhajayeva who is as famous abroad as in Kazakhstan. The Kazakh violinist performed Brahms concert and the Symphony by Prokofiev.


- It was a world-class concert. I liked the performance of the famous virtuoso violinist of Kazakhstan. It was amazing! I want to make a compliment to the conductor. I hope that we will be able to enjoy Kazakh music again in the future.


We are planning to perform in America, Europe, and Asia. Reporting concerts of all university faculties, including the Eurasian Symphony Orchestra, and the national orchestra will be held during the year. We show students the goals they need to achieve.

After the concert in Frankfurt am Main, Kazakhstani musicians went to the international Bayreuth Festival. This prestigious venue attracts professionals from all over the world every year.