The designers of Uralsk have impressed the audiences in Astana with their exclusive works. As part of the EXPO 2017, true connoisseurs of art are offered exclusive pieces such as decorative panels, paintings, and tapestries designed in the national style. The treasury of the works by craftswomen Raisa, Marina and Nataliya include the coat of arms of Uralsk and the tumar which was gifted to a former president of the US Barack Obama. Masters present their creations at numerous exhibitions with great success beyond Kazakhstan. Their recent work was immediately sold out to a customer in Dresden.


- There were people of different cultures, not only Germans, but a lot of representatives of different nations. All of us are close to art because art is a common language. It has no boundaries and anyone can speak in the language of art. This language is understandable to everyone. We were very proud that our pictures were understandable and close to many people abroad.

The birth of every masterpiece precedes a real creative concilium. Not only the idea and the semantic content are discussed in advance, but also the material, colors and drawing are carefully selected. Everything is thought out to trifles. The artists believe the original works contribute to the comfort and warmth of the hearth in the modern interiors of glass, plastic and metal.


- Our goal is to bring warmth into the interior. This is the warmth of not only our work, but also of these compositions and ancestors that have always used the bascourt tapes and carpet products in the hearth. They were made of natural materials which carry the warmth of the hands of grandmothers, mothers and aunts.

Exclusive works prepared specially for EXPO 2017 can be supplemented with personal initials at a request of a buyer. Designers are sure that the Astana guests will take away to their country a piece of sunny Kazakh hospitality. Now the works of craftsmen decorate houses and offices of 50 different countries of the world.