Ethnic festival was held in Karaganda region

Ethnic festival was held in Karaganda region

Ethnic festival was held in Karaganda region. It became a part of ‘kymyz’ ritual. Kazakhstan is proposing to include the traditional mare’s milk into the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List. Expo visitors observed the national traditions of the Kazakh horse breeders. Tourists from Lithuania tried kymyz for the first time.

Tourists saw historical monuments of Ulytau region and learnt about the local traditions.



 - We are happy to see the nature and welcoming people. It creates positive atmosphere. We learnt a lot about the Kazakh culture.


Ethnic festival visitors took part in national games. Kymyz drinking contest was one of the highlights of the event. Wrestling among women attracted many spectators. Only married women participated in it.



 - This event demonstrates the culture of nomads, culture of Kazakhstan. You cannot see it in the capital city. Cultural and high-tech exhibitions are absolutely different events. It’s good to see both of them.  Kazakhstan has great potential to become a tourism hub.


The ethnic festival of kymyz might be included in the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage next year. However, the ancient rituals are already attracting lots of tourists to the region who are interested in original customs of nomads.