First international festival "Eurasian Dance Festival" was held in Astana

First international festival

Celebration of music, dance, grace and rhythm. The best ballet troupes of the world have gathered in Astana. As part of the EXPO 2017, Astana hosted the first international Eurasian Dance Festival. The young Astana Ballet Theater opened the festival’s program. The artists performed the Legacy of the Great Steppe production as well as one-act performances such as Gaia and A Fuego Lento. Residents and guests of the city had a chance to see performances by the famous troupe from South Korea, Universal Ballet, and performances by the legendary American band, Rock the Ballet which lasted for six days. The latter has long been famous for its special dance style which combines classical ballet, jazz and hip-hop. The artists tried to show a new language of dance throughout the whole production and the American band’s performance lasted about two hours.



- This show is famous for hits such as Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury and bands like Queen and U2. World hits of different times always drive the audience. A colorful video accompanied every room.


As part of the festival the Astana Opera Theater presented a classical program, too. According to the organizers, the main idea of a major event is to make ballet more accessible to the spectator and create a specialized platform for professionals from different countries. In addition, the popularization of classical dance and the large-scale event reveals the whole palette of contemporary choreographic styles.



- Astana is a young capital and a welcoming city. When we were engaged in the festival, we tried to make the festival open to the whole world. We invited troupes from Europe, America and Asia in order to show contemporary trends and the author's choreography, the latest trends that take place in the ballet world. The spectator will find different directions: modern, neoclassic and even rock, hip-hop, as well as classics.