The territory of Astana EXPO 2017 has turned into a playground of a theatrical performance. 150 artists make the circle of honor on the expo’s territory. This spectacular production is mesmerizing. Music transfers the viewers to another reality where the sources of life are the sun, the water, the fire and the wind! The key message of the evening parade is not only to preserve, but also to use the elements for a good cause. There are five separate columns and five different stories with a common theme.



- We hired a professional choreographer from Paris Disneyland. We put together all the choreography. A group of dancers perform every part. This presentation lasts for 40 minutes. We paid a lot attention to music. It is written specifically for this presentation. It’s the same for costumes. They are sewn with special LEDs because the performance takes place at sunset and there is a lot of light.


A special casting of dancers was held in Astana in April. All the artists are local. Organizers adhere to the main theme of the exhibition so the environmentally-friendly electric car heads every column on the parade. Engineers had worked more than 2 months to assemble the machines. Absolutely safe fireworks have been used in the production.

An international team works on the creation of the show. This team is supervised by the French company, which has a vast experience of producing these kind of performances. Multimedia show is a result of semi-annual work of a creative group. Graphic masterpieces are right in this room. 20 designers has done the hardest part of the job. Music for the show is written by a separate composer.

Perhaps, the most difficult part is to project the video onto a spherical building. The creators of the show tackled this issue with the help of the latest technologies.



- You can see 4 projectors behind me, 4 more on the other side and two on the right and left. In sum, there are 36 projectors on the expo’s territory. The image should be projected at an angle of 180 degrees. In order to do this, we installed a special screen on the sphere. This was very difficult because we needed to preserve the beauty of the building.


Another group manages the projectors. The work requires precision to a millimeter so the big picture doesn’t turn out blurry on the ball. Every of the 36 installations projects the video onto a specific part of the sphere. Regarding the content of the videos, the authors have come up with five different plots related to renewables. The duration of every video is approximately 7 minutes.