EXPO 2017: Fans of Dimash want to see the exhibition and get to his concert

EXPO 2017: Fans of Dimash want to see the exhibition and get to his concert

Plenty of Chinese tourists dream to visit Kazakhstan. Essential part of them is fans of the Kazakh singer, Dimash Kudaibergen, wishing to get to the concert of the star. The Consular Service of the Kazakh Embassy held a special meeting with a group of fans.

Chinese fans give their heart to Dimash Kudaibergen's song, A Memorable Day.

The young fans can spend hours talking about their idol. They keep his photos and dream of meeting with him. Soon, they will visit Kazakhstan. The fans will see the expo and visit the concert of Dimash.



- This depicts fans of Dimash. Visa to Kazakhstan and tickets for the concert are done and bought already. Residents of Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chendu and Xian will soon go to your country. This girl is from Japan, and this one is from Germany and even this girl will fly to Kazakhstan from Australia.



- I really like Dimash as an artist. Owing to him, we became a way familiar with the Kazakh culture and art. We would like to establish friendly relations between our countries in order to further develop. I look forward to our trip to Astana.


Chinese are one of the most active travelers in the world. In 2016, Chinese tourists spent US$260 billion and this figure is growing. 2017 has been declared the Year of Chinese Tourism in Kazakhstan with the motto of From the Great Wall to the heart of the Silk Road.



- Last year, 130 million of Chinese citizens went abroad. If a small part of tourists visited Kazakhstan and traveled to other countries with transit through our country, this would have a significant economic impact on the development of mutual cooperation in all industries.


Chinese tourists in anticipation are looking forward to visiting Kazakhstan. Many of them have heard about the natural wonders and local residents’ hospitality, so this won’t be their last visit to Kazakhstan for sure.