EXPO 2017: Cultural-ethnographic caravan departs from Taraz to Astana

EXPO 2017: Cultural-ethnographic caravan departs from Taraz to Astana

A cultural and ethnographic caravan consisting from 25 camels and 40 horses is touring from Taraz to Astana. Caravan will bring the bright cultural program and tell about the history of the ancient city and the Great Silk Road. A festive program was organized at ‘Kone Taraz’ historical-archeological complex as part of the event.



 - The caravan will travel 1,300 kilometers and stop in 10 Great Silk Road settlements. We will travel from Taraz, along Kulan medieval fortification, Merke, Shu, Moiynkum district, Saryshagan village in Karaganda region, Balkhash, Karaganda and further to Astana to visit Expo.


Cultural caravan will let visitors learn the Kazakh history and see how merchants and caravans used to travel along the Great Silk Road at that time. The cultural caravan will stop at many settlements on its way to Astana.



 - Our caravan will visit every district. We will give concerts, organize fairs, folk festivals, and promote a grandiose world event EXPO-2017. The caravan is selling carpets, medicines and many consumer goods.


150 caravan members will arrive in Astana on July 26. Cultural ambassadors of Zhambyl region will let locals and foreign visitors delve into the nomadic life and learn about the history of Kazakhstan.