Days of Iran's culture were held in Almaty region

Days of Iran's culture were held in Almaty region

Days of culture of the Islamic Republic of Iran were held in the Almaty region. Zhetisu residents were presented with a diverse program celebrating Iranian folk and applied arts. The fair visitors could also enjoy watching the best motion pictures of the Iranian film industry, two of which are the owners of the Academy Awards. Representatives of the Consulate General of Iran in Kazakhstan and the regional governor’s office signed a memorandum on joint activities in the field of culture and ethnography. According to the organizers, such actions give an opportunity to better know the culture, history and traditions of the two nations.



 - I am in Taldykorgan for the first time. We really like the national culture of your people, your traditions. Our mission is to tell the people of Kazakhstan about the Iranian culture, I think that we have much in common. Therefore, we will strive to strengthen our cooperation.


Kazakhstan’s cultural cooperation with other countries allows the local people to learn about the historical heritage of many nations. For example, Victoria and Albert Museum will present "Jameel Prize" exhibition in Almaty. It involves 35 works, 11 authors, which were included in the shortlist of the contest of the same name. All of them will be presented in November at the Kasteyev Museum. The Jameel Prize is an international award for contemporary art and design inspired by Islamic tradition. It was founded in 2009 and runs every 2 years. This time, 283 artists from Afghanistan, Mali, Puerto Rico, Thailand and other countries took part in the competition. The exhibition has already been held in Istanbul and is now in South Korea, after which it will arrive in Almaty and stay here until December.



 - There is a huge amount of innovation going on. This is an opportunity for people to have their work exposed and their names made. They can enter competitions elsewhere, they can be collected in museums all over the world.