An exhibition of paintings with augmented reality was held in Astana. Nazarbayev University presented the works of the famous Russian artist Alexey Andreyev. The idea of ​​the project is based on modern augmented reality technology, which is widely used in advertising and gaming industries. With the help of the mobile application, visitors could see how paintings come to life on the screens of smartphone. Both adults and children loved the exhibition, the organisers say. Every painting is a full-fledged animated work accompanied by an original soundtrack.



 - The project affects two cities - St. Petersburg and Astana. It was launched in January 2017. The first event was held in St. Petersburg. We had success  presenting these paintings by young Kazakhstani authors. When I saw the paintings by Alexey, I was so impressed by his works that I wanted to hold this exhibition in Astana. This is a new trend, which the public is not very familiar with.


Alexey Andreyev has been painting for 20 years. He is a surrealist. The author practices lucid dreaming and reflects his dreams in his works. According to the artist, the use of digital technologies allows not only to get away from traditional ideas about art, but also to strengthen the emotional impact on the viewer by completely immersing them in another reality. Alexey has had solo exhibitions in Russia and in Europe. He has worked with well-known directors George Danelia and Alan Taylor. Sony Pictures and Cirque du Soleil are among his customers.

The exhibition in Astana was held within the framework of the project "New Astana. Culture and business are the future of relations."