Kazakh literature attracts foreign readers

Kazakh literature attracts foreign readers

Kazakh literature attracts foreign readers. Foreigners show special interest in Kazakh fairy-tales. A collection of books is being prepared for publication as part of the agreement signed between South Korea and the culture ministries of Central Asian countries. It will include a fairy tale called ‘At What Time to Celebrate the New Year?’ by Kazakh writer Kenes Orazbekuly. The illustrator is Korean artist Chon Hen Jin. According to the artist, she decided to join the project because the story triggered interest. The tale narrates about the twelve signs of the eastern horoscope. They are well known in South Korea. In total, 25,000 copies of the book will be published in Korean language. They will replenish the fund of school libraries in South Korea.



- I learnt about Nauryz from the book, it has the same meaning as our new year according to the lunar calendar. I also learned about special dishes that are cooked on this day. I was amazed to find out about snow leopards. I did not know anything about them before. Therefore I had to look for information about them on the Internet.


Citizens of Azerbaijan will now be able to read Kazakh literature such as poems of Abai Kunanbayev in their language. The collection of Abai Kunanbayev’s works was translated into Azerbaijani language at the Kazakh language Center in Baku. As organizers say, their main target is to acquaint people with the unique Kazakh culture through the masterpieces of Kazakh literature.



- Kazakh language, History and Culture Center has been operating on the basis of Baku State University since May 2011. It was opened after the conclusion of cooperation agreement between the Baku State University and Gumilyov Eurasian University in Astana.


To accurately convey all the slightest semantic nuances, the scientists of the center seek to translate works from the original language. The Kazakh folk lyric-epic poem "Kyz Zhibek" was translated into Azerbaijani language as well. The author of translation Ramiz Asker notes that the book triggers great interest in many countries.



- On the left side, there is the text in Kazakh language, on the right side - in Azerbaijani, so that a reader could compare. I have sent the book to the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. He replied back after some time. He said that this book will take a worthy place in his collection. This book is a good contribution to the development of Azerbaijani-Kazakh cultural ties.


The Center is planning to translate the novel ‘Abai’ by Mukhtar Auezov and many other. They will continue letting Azerbaijani people get acquainted with the rich Kazakh literature.