Exhibition by Italian artist Ron Di Scenza opened in Astana

Exhibition by Italian artist Ron Di Scenza opened in Astana

Solo exhibition by Italian artist Ron Di Scenza opened in Astana. Renowned artist presented 40 paintings. Expression of dance and flashes of light in the darkness and the passion of dancers’ every single movement - all of this can be seen in his works. He paints some landscapes from memory being inspired by the freedom and harmony of nature. The artist uses real people’s images and photos in his figurative paintings.


His hyperrealism is incredible. He mainly paints moving paintings.  He paints famous artists, dancers and ballet dancers. He shows the sharpness of colors and creates a complete composition.   

Ron Di Scenza was born in the USA. He started drawing in early childhood. The artist has been always attracted by the mystery of the Renaissance art. Many hours spent in museums, ancient villas and palaces with paintings by Raphael and Caravaggio had an impact on his work. Ron Di Scenza has been to Kazakhstan before. He has worked as a teacher here as well.


There was a very beautiful Kazakh dancer, I think we sold it. 10:12/ 14:20 - That was actual model in Almaty. We hired her to dress and to dance, we took photos and then I did the painting. I would like to do a show with just Kazakh dancers.

The artist plans to visit Kazakhstan many times in the future and to devote a series of his paintings to Kazakh national dance.