Kyz Zhibek premiered in Astana Opera

Kyz Zhibek premiered in Astana Opera

New production of ‘Kyz Zhibek’ opera was presented at Astana Opera. The legendary opera of Evgeniy Brusilovskiy was given a new life. According to the stage directors, changes were made to the libretto and the main characters’ images. The art work started speaking a modern language and became interesting for various age groups. A number of national musical instruments performed in the orchestra, including vintage museum collections. The spectators also enjoyed the wonderful decorations and beautiful costumes.


We have tried to find those characters’ thoughts and impulses that turned the story into a national and universal heritage. It was included into the UNESCO world heritage. The opera soloists are world-class professionals. I am happy to see Kazakhstan has such a wonderful theatre.

The art work has been a musical drama for 80 years. But after Kazakhstan’s honored worker, member of composers union Abzal Mukhitdinov’s staging, "Kyz Zhibek" can rightfully be considered an opera. Maestro replaced spoken dialogues with musical recitatives, and added a few scenes with melodies of famous Kazakh songs and kyuis.


Opera singers were confused completely when they had to say a number of phrases and perform as actors. That was artificial. Therefore, we replaced dialogues with musical recitatives. We finished zhoktau in 15 minutes even though it has never appeared in opera. We created a catharsis, the emotional peak of the play.

The spectators saw the young Nazym Sagintai performing the part of Zhibek. The student of the Kazakh National University of Arts has won a number of prestigious international competitions.


I have performed in big operas and I am happy to sing Zhibek’s part. I had prepared thoroughly. I revised the libretto, watched the legendary  film "Kyz Zhibek".

Kyz Zhibek was screened in 1970 but this folk epic was first staged in 1934. 83 years later, the opera by Evgeniy Brusilovskiy and Gabit Musrepov was given a new life in Astana.