Bіrzhan-Sara opera staged in Astana

Bіrzhan-Sara opera staged in Astana

A beautiful story of love between two talents, the unique piece of Kazakh opera art Bіrzhan Sara was performed at Astana Opera. The graduate of the Vienna Conservatory Madina Islamova performed the character of a jealous woman. The role was difficult for her; as it was a completely unfamiliar feeling and behavior for the singer. It would be easier to play Sara, she says. The performance required grueling rehearsals and as a result - a full immersion in the image.


In fact, the image of Altynay, her character and the way she responds to all the events in her life, they scare and surprise me. She could not put up with great talent of her rival, a great ability to love, which basically, my character would never understand.

The opera features conflict between good and evil, talent against commercialism, vividly representing the struggle for freedom of creative persons. Bіrzhan and Sara defend the right to love and to be happy. The difference between those performances that have been staged over 70 years is that it will be shown in the original musical version of the maestro Abzal Mukhitdinov. Today, Birzhan and Sara opera is considered to be a prominent piece of work of the Astana Opera repertoire. The play was successfully staged abroad also.


In 2014, we staged this performance in Russia in St.Petersburg. It had a very great public response and success. Bіrzhan-Sara is one of the most beloved operas in Astana.