Astana Circus performers present “Alice in wonderland” fairy tale

Astana Circus performers present “Alice in wonderland” fairy tale

Astana circus performers have presented a spectacular New Year show to the local residents and guests of the capital. A completely new program based on Lewis Carroll’s tale “Alice in Wonderland” has featured funny clowns, trapeze artists, tightrope walkers, acrobats and trained animals delivering unforgettable emotions to young spectators. Alice’s character was performed by talented gymnast Yoko Konurbaeva. This year, the artist’s equilibristic performance on a trapeze received the Grand Prix of the international circus festival “Echo of Asia”.


The circus is a very unusual art. We had to embellish performances to combine them with the tale. The program includes a lot of exciting, very strong performances.

Throughout the spectacular performance, Santa Claus helps Alice to save her friends - the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat and the White Queen. So, together they defeat the Red Queen and her African lions. This performance can rightly be called the most spectacular. According to the animal trainer Mukhtar Uselbaeva, his family is the only dynasty in Kazakhstan, who is perform with lions. For 11 years, Mukhtar along with his parents has been taming these beautiful and dangerous animals.


These were the first lions in Kazakhstan. It was an honor for us to work with them. We certainly took the opportunity, and I have done so quite successfully.

In addition to the dangerous performances, the fairy tale was accompanied by unusual tricks and vivid special effects. Throughout the performance, the young viewers took an active part in Alice’s adventures. People will be able to view the New Year’s show until January 9.