Composer Balnur Kydyrbek holds musical evening

Composer Balnur Kydyrbek holds musical evening

The author of more than 500 compositions, Balnur Kydyrbek presented her new concert program at the Astana Opera Theatre’s Chamber Hall. The musical evening “Babalar Amanaty – Tauelsizdik” gathered the distinguished persons of the Kazakh art world. According to the famous composer, the repertoire included the most impressive works. Many of them were warmly welcomed by the foreign audience, and some were performed for the first time. The main leitmotif of the evening was the chanting of love for the native land.


The concert is dedicated to the 25th independence anniversary. It consists of works devoted to the patriotic theme, which is very close to every Kazakh, because it implies the love to a father and a mother, the love to a native land, and to the children. Children are the future of our state.

The chamber orchestra and Astana Opera soloists performed orchestral works such as Orleu, Gauһarkuy, Deshtі Kypshak, Balgyn, the vocal parts such as Tugan Meken - Kurenbel, Senbeysіn, Mamyrdyn ariyasy and other works by Balnur Kydyrbek.


I’m always glad that she is active. There are composers, who work actively, and care about all the events taking place in our country. They always try to keep pace with the time.

According to colleagues, Balnur Kydyrbek’s creative works are always distinctive, original, and most importantly, raise a genuine response from audience and fans of the Kazakh composer.