Contemporary Kazakh artists hold exhibition

Contemporary Kazakh artists hold exhibition

The unusual project, which unites original works by contemporary Kazakh artists, was presented in Astana. The exposition area “The smell of wormwood” has been working for many years, and it is a mobile exhibition of the Centre for Contemporary Art “Kulanshi”. However, these works are presented in Astana for the first time. According to the organizers, “The smell of wormwood” represents an attempt to unite the Kazakh artists’ diverse contemporary works of art in common harmonious composition, so that the viewers can understand the development of painting in Kazakhstan. At different times, the exhibition had a great success at the UN Secretariat in New York, in the center of Berlin’s contemporary art, in the museum and the exhibition halls of Moscow and St. Petersburg, in the Beijing National Cultural Centre.



Finding this image in wormwood, we combined the things that are difficult to combine in common vision. If you look closer, you will see different directions of art. The paintings are united by a common theme, and it lies in a simple thing - the love for own homeland, and love for own traditions.


The works of 17 artists from Kazakhstan’s different regions decorate the gallery walls. All of them in a peculiar manner and in different techniques represent one theme - the love to the country, to its steppes, mountains and meadows. According to the exhibition visitors, Kazakhstan’s young generation of artists, today worthily continues the work of masters such as Abilkhan Kasteev, Sakhi Romanov and Zhanatai Shardenov.



Their approach, the style of painting as well as color composition, composite, distinctive, interesting, philosophical intentions are very encouraging.