Astana hosted a premiere of drama ‘Amre’

Astana hosted a premiere of drama ‘Amre’

Astana hosted a premiere of "Amre" play about famous Kazakh singer of the beginning of the 20th century, Amre Kashaubayev. The production is about the triumph of the singer in Paris. Amre Kashaubaev was the first Kazakh to ever travel to Europe to perform on stage. There, he introduced the audience with the Kazakh singing art and the national instrument dombra at the World Music Contest in France.



The life and death of Amre Kashaubayev were unspoken of in the society for many years. Today we lift the curtain and tell the story of the great musician.


According to the director Nurlan Zhumaniyazov, the play reflects all the feelings of the creative soul. The drama tells the story of the challenges that awaited Kashaubaev at home after his return from Paris, about his meeting with Mustafa Shokai and the persecution of the authorities, bright but short life and mysterious death of the tenor.  



In the first part of the performance, we showed Amre’s good-natured and open character. In the second part, we revealed the drama of his life as an unjustly convicted person.


According to the play authors, the epic about the life of the great singer and a musician Amre is worthy to be staged on the best scenes of the world. It was Amre Kashaubayev who stood at the origins of the Kazakh theatrical art and made a valuable contribution to its development and formation