Kazakhstan's animation industry prepares to mark 50th anniversary

Kazakhstan's animation industry prepares to mark 50th anniversary

Kazakhstan's animation industry is on a new development stage. At present, domestic animation is gaining momentum with  more and more products presented to large audience and receiving acclaim. The Kazakh animators are preparing to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the industry next year.


It all started in 1967. The first Kazakh cartoon "Why The Swallow Has The Tail With Little Horns?" was filmed then. It was directed by Amen Khaydarov. As experts say, it is this cartoon that can be called the pioneer of Kazakhstan's animation. Amen Khaydarov's directorial debut was a success. Cartoon was shown in 48 countries. This film has been awarded at the III All-Union Film Festival, and later won the hearts of sophisticated connoisseurs of animation in Walt Disney's homecountry receiving a prize at the International Film Festival in New York. At present, in another century and even  another millennium, this cartoon triggers a keen interest in children and their parents.


In total, 36 short animation films have been released in Kazakhstan since 2009 as well as the first feature-length cartoon 'Er Tostik and Aidarkhan'. By 2017, ahead of the 50th anniversary, the animators will prepare another feature-length cartoon 'Muzbalak'. This cartoon is for children, however, as the authors say, adults will like it too.



The script was slightly amended. We added more dynamics and action to it. It has a historical plot. The main idea of the cartoon is the friendship of an eagle and a man.


Muzbalak tells a story of how an eagle saves people from a bloodthirsty dragon. But before that a man tames the proud raptor by his love. They create inextricable connection between each other. Ups and downs in the cartoon signify a real life. The creators of the cartoon have also experienced difficult times.



The old school was suspended during those difficult times, during Perestroika. The industry has been rebuilt with the help of the Ministry of Culture and Kazakhfilm studio.


A major premiere awaits the Kazakhstani citizens – the animators are preparing a feature-length cartoon ‘Kultegin’ that is to be released in 2018. The cartoon is about the formation of the Turkic state.


The plot of another animated movie "Kazakh Yeli" is based on the story of the Khans Zhanibek and Kerey, their childhood, when they began to learn martial arts and the basics of science in Otyrar, when matured Khans managed to unite the Kazakh people in the struggle for freedom and independence. It is this cartoon that was presented at Kazakhstan's Embassy in Beijing ahead of the 25th anniversary of independence. It arouses courage and stirs up love for the motherland in children's hearts.



When I grow up I want to become a hero like Khans Zhanibek and Kerey. I congratulate all children on the Independence Day.