New interpretation of play ‘Alpamys’ staged in Astana

New interpretation of play ‘Alpamys’ staged in Astana

The great heritage of the Kazakh literature, a thousand year old epic ‘Alpamys’ was staged at Gorky Theatre in Astana. A new interpretation of the play filled with the spirit of heroism and love for the native land was named ‘Amanat’. The stage directors devoted it to the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence. According to the stage director, the troupe tried to focus on personality the main character rather than his heroic deeds. In addition, the authors of the play are pursuing another important goal; they want to cultivate a sense of patriotism among the younger generation.  Alpamys who selflessly loved his motherland and defended it with all his might against enemies is the best example.



By staging ‘Alpamys’ in our theater, we want to strengthen the spirit of love for the motherland, the spirit of solidarity, freedom among the spectators.


A distinctive feature of the play were the actors of the Russian Drama Theater who sang Kazakh songs to music played on ethnic Kazakh instruments. The premier was presented by the entire theater team: the young actors and masters of the stage. Together with the director, they have created a unique atmosphere of the heroic epic, which was passed down from a generation to generation over many centuries.



I had thoroughly prepared for this role. It was difficult because of the historic figure and here it is important to show the whole authenticity and not to mislead the spectator. Therefore, we collected information from historical documents and transferred it to the stage so that everything was based on historical facts.


The performance is literally permeated with symbolism that the director had skillfully woven into the plot. For example, arba represents not just a vehicle; its wheels symbolize the passage of time over the centuries, a generational change. The legend of Alpamys is the cultural heritage of all the Turkic people. There are many versions of this epic in Turkish, Uzbek and Kyrgyz literature. However, according to the director, for the Kazakhs, Alpamys is more than a literary hero. The personality of this hero and fighter for justice reflects the spirit of independent Kazakhstan.