Exhibition in Astana showcases impact of nuclear tests

Exhibition in Astana showcases impact of nuclear tests

This year, Kazakhstan along with the 25th anniversary of its independence, celebrates an important date – the 25th anniversary of closure of the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site. According to experts, this event has become a landmark not only for Kazakhstan, but also for all people across the world. However, currently there is still an echo of the consequences of the disaster. The exhibition dedicated to impacts of nuclear tests by the talented Swedish artist Tuve Krabo was held in Astana. The exhibition displays a series of works dedicated to nuclear testing and their destructive consequences for humanity and nature. The artists says she always wanted to portray the war, but not as a heroic battle, but as a place of violent crimes.



Now, they are disposed in a way that you can see that Semipalatinsk is linked to other things. And it is not the only disaster that can be read in the exhibition, which I explained it is also radioactive; the question of nuclear is only here it is one of important sights. And it was terrible sight, because it was so heavily endured on purpose in Kazakhstan. 00:03:57:09.


The exhibition with an epic title ‘Scene of crimes: first lightning’ was held within the framework of the international project of the Museum of the First President of Kazakhstan with the assistance of the Swedish Embassy in Kazakhstan. According to the representatives of the diplomatic missions of European countries, Sweden welcomes Kazakhstan's initiatives on nuclear disarmament.



The policy of our states is very close, especially in the disarmament and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, and it is good this year, Sweden and Kazakhstan were elected as non-permanent members of the UN Security Council. It means a lot for our relationship, and in general, the work within the UN framework will surely give a great impetus to the development of bilateral cooperation.


Kazakhstan that has experienced the effects of nuclear testing is steadfast in its intention to make the world safe as well as to make the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction impossible. In turn, the works of the artist Tuve Krabo represent an answer to the question why does Kazakhstan strive to protect the world from new mistakes.