International children’s art festival held in Astana

International children’s art festival held in Astana

Astana hosted the first international competition of children's art ‘Little Stars of Astana’. Children showed unusual concert performances, creative costumes and sincere joy. Children aged from 3 to 17 years were able to show their talent in the contest. Participants competed in four nominations: choreography, singing, dramatic reading and folk performances. According to the organizers, the contest is a springboard for talented children, who will represent Kazakhstan in the future at the international level.



We titled the competition as international, not because children from abroad participate in it, but, because in the future we are planning to participate in festivals, we have many invitations from abroad. For instance, we were invited to Dubai for the international festival, to Bulgaria and Germany.


The contest was divided by age categories. The three-year olds were the first to perform, and then children in older age category continued to demonstrate their talent.


The competition once again showed how rich Kazakhstan is for talented children. Nearly 200 children participated in the festival ‘Little Stars of Astana’. Among them, there was dombyra player Ainalaiyn Malik. The talented performer is a laureate of many music competitions. Malik says, she wants to live a life of a performer.



My goal is to develop the art of my ancestors. I want the folk art of the Kazakh people not to be forgotten in the modern world and in the future, I want to revive it through my performances.


According to the organizers, the program of the festival is planned to be diversified in the future. It will include competitions in painting, crafts, theater and circus arts. As the culture professionals say, today in Kazakhstan there is a good trend - a growing number of children's competitions. They all have one important mission - to open way for the young stars to the big world of arts.