Maria Mudryak performs in Astana Opera

Maria Mudryak performs in Astana Opera

The star of the Kazakh opera Maria Mudryak once again was warmly welcomed in Astana. The leading soloist of the theater performed on stage of Astana Opera, taking the role of Mimi in the world-famous opera ‘La Boheme’ by Giacomo Puccini.


La Boheme, the passionate and sincere story of love among young artists. The main heroes of the story are the four friends – a writer, a painter, a musician and a philosopher, who carry a Bohemian lifestyle. On Christmas Eve, one of them Rudolf falls in love with his neighbor Mimi. Overwhelmed with emotions, lovers don’t suspect that a deadly disease of a young woman will soon separate them.


According to Maria Mudryak, she has performed this role in one of the opera houses in Italy. But performing in front of the Kazakh public is always special, Mudryak says.



Of course, performing in my home country is always a pleasure. People always welcome warmly. And it gives power. After my performance in "La Traviata" opera here in Astana Opera - this role has won me a career. Now I’m booked to perform in many world theaters. I’m well supported in my home country.


Despite such a young age, talent of Maria Mudryak found admirers across the world. Her performances always gather a lot of audience. She had begun to learn music professionally at the age of three. Five-year old Maria entered the Guinness Book of Records, after having recorded her first solo CD, thus winning the title of the youngest singer in the world. And in 2011, she was recognized as the best young singer in Italy. According to colleagues, personal qualities of Maria Mudryak make her a distinguished opera singer.



She has a wonderful career now and a great future. She is modest, while she is very talented, and I’m almost in love with her!


As Maria Mudryak says, she is fully booked until 2019. After Kazakhstan, the opera singer will go on tour in China, India and Italy. The singer is preparing a few surprises for her fans ahead of the Expo 2017.