Sakha Theatre on tour in Kazakhstan

Sakha Theatre on tour in Kazakhstan

Legends of the Sakha Theatre won the hearts of Kazakhstan’s audience. As part of Eurasian tour, Sakha Academic Drama Theatre named after Oiunsky from Yakutsk presented its best plays in Astana and Almaty. Sakha Theatre is one of the leading national theatres of Russia.  It marks its 110th anniversary this year. The theatre performed the show ‘Shaman's Dream’ for Astana residents.



This play is based on the poem of our great writer, philosopher Aleksey Kulakovsky who predicted world wars in the beginning of the 20th century, he told about global disasters through the ‘Shaman's Dream’. However, our theatre is targeted to young audience therefore we made another interpretation of this show. It will be ethno-rock performance.


The stage director Ruslan Tarakhovsky managed to embody a synthesis of philosophical text, sacred music and plasticity in one performance. Through the hypnotic rhythm of the shamanic rituals, a young rock musician by Alexander Borisov in search of himself faces severe challenges. Then he receives a spiritual healing and returns to his roots, to nature and true faith. 



In fact, there are three shamans in the show. There is a red shaman who calls for revolution – urging the people to rise and fight for power, and then there is an old shaman who is very wise and has seen a lot, he is immortal, he knows everything. I have to combine the traits of both shamans. According to the director’s point of view, in the end of the performance I should grow into a shaman of the future, shaman of the world and universe.


Sakha Theatre brought another play as part of its tour. It’s titled ‘My Desired Blue Coast’ based on Chinghiz Aitmatov’s novel. Critics note that it is this play that made the theatre recognizable. It has been the theatre’s signature play for 35 years. In general, the repertoire includes a variety of plays, from Shakespeare to modern plays of Yakutsk authors. The tour of Yakutsk National Theatre has become one of the spectacular and memorable events in the cultural life of Kazakhstan’s capital city. The similarity of Yakutsk and Kazakh languages reminded about the spiritual unity of the Turkic peoples.