The musicians of Turksoy orchestra are awaited in Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and Cyprus

The musicians of Turksoy orchestra are awaited in Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and Cyprus

Kazakhstan will mark the 25th anniversary of independence on December 16. The orchestra of folk instruments created this year by the initiative of the International Organization of Turkic Culture organized a concert in Almaty for music lovers ahead of this jubilee date. The musicians from different countries combined their talents to show the beauty of Turkic peoples’ music.


A young team presented the whole variety of traditional Turkic musical instruments. They say that the team still is in a creative search, experiment with new and old tunes, change arrangements. During performances, musicians’ love to almost forgotten rubaba and kobyz becomes instantly transmitted to the audience.



The audience warmly welcomed the musicians. This project is unique because the combination of different nations and various musical instruments resulted in wonderful mixture.


The orchestra has already won the hearts of ethnic music lovers in New York, Washington, Sheki, Baku, Ankara and Istanbul. At present, the musicians are awaited in Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and Cyprus.



I am happy to represent Gagauzia together with Turksoy orchestra here in Kazakhstan and not only in Kazakhstan. From the behalf of Moldova and Gagauzia, I congratulate you on the jubilee date the 25th anniversary of independence. As an artist, I wish such a good country many years of prosperity.


Photo: Turksoy