Photo exhibition about Kazakhstan organized at historic center in Russia

Photo exhibition about Kazakhstan organized at historic center in Russia

The photo exhibition ‘Kazakhstan - the country of great steppe’ was organized at the historical center on Nikolskaya Street in the center of Moscow. The photos of magnificent Kazakhstani landscapes are displayed at the exhibition, which was organized by the ‘National Geographic Russia’ magazine jointly with the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Russia. The exhibition is dedicated to the release of the magazine ‘National Geographic Kazakhstan’ in the Kazakh language this year. More than 60 photos are the results of the expedition of the magazine photographer Andrei Kamenev, who had travelled across the country. He traveled more than 5,000 kilometers, trying to capture the diversity of the nature of Kazakhstan: canyons and deserts, fields, mountains and lakes. Some photos are dedicated to the Winter Universiade-2017 in Almaty.



We wanted to show Kazakhstan to the Russian young audience, because people often think about Kazakhstan considering it as the country of steppes. In fact, there is a quite unique history, composition of magnificent nature and cultural diversity, futuristic urban architecture and here is the real Kazakhstan.


The photo exhibition is of sincere interest among the residents of Moscow and many tourists. The exhibition displays the glory of landscapes of the popular tourist destinations, and rare photos of the ancient 5,000-year old observatory Ak-Baur in the East Kazakhstan region. The exhibition will last until August 24.




The exhibition is wonderful. I had never been to Kazakhstan, and I was very impressed with these photos.  The photographer conveyed the beauty of nature so delicately. And I was very interested in the EXPO-2017, which I would like to visit.



The exhibition is unusual and very beautiful. There are very high quality photos. As an art-fair the exhibition deserves the most positive estimates. There are photos of the modern cities, of the new Almaty city and the young Astana. It is very interesting for us to see it.


The next issue of the National Geographic magazine will release the materials of the little-known sites of Kazakhstan.