Turkistan’s historical and cultural center keeps unique exhibits

Turkistan’s historical and cultural center keeps unique exhibits

Throne of the Kazakh people rulers dating back 17-18 centuries is one of the most unique and valuable exhibits in the historical and cultural center of Turkestan. It was reconstructed from written sources, based on the documents and the results of archaeological and scientific research. Nearly half a million tourists come to see it and other artifacts every year.



Everything is so magnificent: Khan's throne, the things that were used in ancient times by our ancestors, and the yurt in which they lived. And if before our children learned about all of this only from books now they can see all that with their own eyes, it brings them up, expands their knowledge and horizons.



The Americans, the French, British, Australians and even Turkish tourists come to visit. We have a yurt on the ground floor, the tour is very interesting. When they come here, they become surprised when they enter inside and see all the housewares and decoration, they ask a lot of questions: what is this? What does this mean?


There are many unique artifacts found during excavations in the ancient city of Turkestan, Sauran and on the banks of the Syr Darya. For example, these copper coins were in circulation in the 14th, 17th and 18th centuries. People used arrowheads and bronze knives in the 18-12 centuries BC. This golden coronet that was embellishing the heads of beautiful women is more than fifteen hundred years old, the guides say. There are about six thousand artifacts in the center’s fund. According to museum curators, many of the items were given by patrons; others are copies of the relics made by local craftsmen. They are made by hand from natural materials.