Set of studies about Alikhan Bukeikhanov presented in Astana

Set of studies about Alikhan Bukeikhanov presented in Astana

The first collection of studies about Alikhan Bukeikhanov was presented in Astana. Scientific work has been published in three languages and is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the ‘Alash’ movement leader. It includes op-ed articles, interviews and facts about his life. According to the author of publication, Sultan Khan Akkuly, Alikhan Bukeikhanov had a great versatility.




He was an outstanding scientist, polymath, who contributed in many branches of science, especially in agriculture science. He has a monograph devoted to the Kazakh breeds of sheep, cattle breeds and the Kazakh national cattle breeding. There is also assumption that he secretly collaborated with ‘Le Figaro’ French newspaper being under house arrest.


According to researchers, rich heritage of Alikhan Bukeikhanov raises interest among the scientific community around the world. This year, the first monograph about his activities will be published in Turkey. In 2017, English-language collection is expected to be released in the UK marking the 100th anniversary of Alash autonomy.