‘My dear mother’ exhibition opens in Astana

‘My dear mother’ exhibition opens in Astana

First exhibition of art-therapy works entitled ‘My dear mother’ opened in Astana. The exhibition includes about 100 drawings of the ‘OceanArt’ school students. According to the organizers, each drawing is a psychological portrait of the child and reflects a relationship with his mother.



The children were able to tell something more. It was not just a template, as ‘my mom is good, I love her’. I think it will help mothers to understand one important thing - many moms try to be responsible and caring. But the children just need them such as they are, with all difficulties and mood sometimes they have. The main thing is that mothers are near their children.


Organizers note that drawing helps children to become emotionally healthy and socially, as parents can learn a lot about the inner world of the child.




Photo: ustazbol.kz