Kazakh conductor leads joint Orchestra of 14 countries

Kazakh conductor leads joint Orchestra of 14 countries

The head of the Presidential Orchestra of Kazakhstan Talgat Berdygulov conducted a combined orchestra of military orchestras of fifteen hundred musicians from 14 countries for the first time on the Red Square.


The best orchestras in the world banded together in one venue to perform the "Victory Day" march. Thus, the Eighth Military Music Festival "Saviour Tower" ended in Moscow. This year, the event impressed the audience with the large scale. Honor Guard and the orchestra of the Presidential Regiment "Aibyn" took part for the fifth consecutive year. This year, they have not only performed the already beloved by Muscovites "Abylaikhan" march and the song «Moscow never sleeps», but also conquered the audience with a song from the repertoire of the group "A-Studio" - "Soldier of Love" and a medley on the topic of the Kazakh folk songs.




- Moscow residents know this orchestra. Each time the orchestra shows new very interesting trends and styles. Muscovites love this orchestra, and Talgat has already become a symbol of the orchestra.


Photo: www.stihi.ru