In the festival "Baikonur" "Grand Prix" got the work of Baymurat Zhumanov

The 2nd Baikonur Festival of Short Films hosted a showcase of  35 films of the contest program and three non-competition movies. Young filmmakers from all over Kazakhstan presented films in different genres specifically, drama, comedy and animation. The jury appointed the winners according to12 nominations.


- This year we have two more nominations: the nomination for the art director and a special jury prize. Last year we hosted a festival for two years, this time within a year. (В прошлом году мы проводили фестиваль за период два года, в этом за год.)

Baimurat Zhumanov’s work won  the Grand Prix. Erzhan Boranshy is nominated for the best director. The statuette, which was awarded to the winners, was selected out of 16 possible options.


- We will host a third festival and would like to unite with sites in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and etc. We want to introduce our spectators to the best works of our neighbors.

The Baikonur festival of short films was held with the support of the Fund of the First President of Kazakhstan. Experts admit the competition’s significance isn’t overestimated because it helps to discover new names in the Kazakh cinema.